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Does Healthy Living have to be hard?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Is it even possible to live a healthy lifestyle in our go go go society?

No judgment here! As I sit, a mother of four who spends most days at home caring for the kids and house. We all fall victim to what society told us was good for us!

Food For Thought

My life used to be much different then it is now. A pantry stocked full of chips and tasty cakes with no shortage of sugary treats to satisfy any and all cravings. Suddenly one day after the birth of my youngest child I was catapulted into a world of change. You see, he was sensitive to dairy which might not have been a big deal to most. Except I was hell bent to nurse him and this would require me to also give up all dairy products! Wait.... WHAt?! it was hard, actually it completely sucked lets be real. Most of our meals due to our Italian heritage consisted of lasagna, ravioli, baked ziti and so on. I made it work though, little by little. I always thought like most Americans dairy was good for us! I later learned to my compete surprise it actually causes inflammation in the body. I wondered what else I was brainwashed into believing was good for my family and I??. This was the beginning of my journey to health. Over the last 6 years we have made many changes, no we are not perfect by any means! Slowly I started to see that eating better was really not that hard or expensive. In all actuality it seemed quicker to cook our dinners and we felt better too. Now I love finding recipe's that include lots of veggies that even the kids will love! Of course living a healthy lifestyle isn't just about what we eat. I do feel like its a good place to start though! What we put into our bodies fuels us, do you want low grade shitty gas in your car? I say NO!! What do you say? We cant expect to fill our tanks with low grade fuel and run at full throttle day in and day out. So does living a healthy lifestyle have to be hard or impossible? I say lets make living an unhealthy life style hard and impossible!

_Shannon DiMichele

White Sage Holistic Healing

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