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Welcome to the Truman Show!!

One day you wake up and all of the sudden the world looks alien to you. You were just living life, like everyone else. Working, paying bills, food shopping, drinking, taking that one vacation a year. Then BAM something shifts inside you! The food doesn't taste the same, music feels different, people seem off, and you hate your job. You begin to really question what you're doing,

and what the purpose is. The real trickster is that while you're experiencing this drastic awakening we'll call it, those around you seem fine. Nothing seems off to them! The more you speak on the topic the crazier you sound!

This world we are born into is much like the Truman show. You are here to experience, grow, expand, and so on. When you enter you have a sort of amnesia, forgetting about who and what you really are. So you accept that which is around you, you go along with the story line. For the first part of your life this is a good thing! It allows you to experience this world freely. Then at a certain point your soul yearns for you to wake up and follow the path you wanted to follow before you came to earth. You had goals, lessons, and experiences you wanted to work through, and expand through. You have a team of helpers on the other side cheering you on!! They try to assist and guide you using signs and symbols or even by gently pushing toward your goals. The way they do this is giving you ideas, urges, emotions ect.

So what do we do now that we're "awake?" It can feel like a very lonely place at times that's for sure. Even though it can indeed be lonely it can also be super exciting, with new understandings and adventures daily. I really feel that while in this process, the key is to keep moving forward and giving yourself grace while moving through it. For everything that falls away The Universe/God will replace it with something 100 times better. I must warn you though, if you choose to resist, things will begin to feel very uncomfortable. Your inner guidance system is there for just that, to GUIDE you. So how does it do that you ask? Well, by making you feel like complete shit each time you are out of alignment. So when you pay attention to your body and how you feel, you're half way there. The problem is that we are so BUSY doing all the time that we often don't check in on ourselves. We get so exhausted from work, running around, keeping it all together that most of us choose to just zone out at the end of the day. What we really should be doing is checking in with our bodies to see how we're feeling. When we check in with ourselves we strengthen our connection to our inner self, our spirit self, our higher self . Once we do that we can start to follow what aligns with us and our path. This my friends is what we came to experience.

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