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Shannon Marie

Intuitive Reiki Master

From a very young age I had questions! I wondered why the world was the way it was. Why we were here , and what our highest purpose was. I felt a deep connection to others,nature, spirit,and God. After many years of journeying through my own soul I have found peace. Reiki Energy Healing has been an amazing catalyst toward my spiritual growth, and now I am able to share that gift with others. My hope is that through Reiki, guidance, workshops, yoga, and community we can all find peace and grow together.

White Sage Holistic Healing was brought to life with pure love and trust in God/ the Universe. I set the intention of a peaceful and cozy space for soul growth and healing and feel grateful to be able to share that with you. With many services, workshops, and gatherings to choose from I extend my hand to yours, come heal and grow with me.


Why Reiki?

It can help with

Reiki  is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing. It can be preformed with hands on or off. Life force energy is channeled through the practitioners hands to the client. This energy activates the bodies natural ability to heal, in addition to restoring physical and emotional well being. Reiki is the life force energy that flows through all living things. Everyone has the ability to heal themselves as well as help others heal. A persons "Ki" or energy should be strong and free flowing. When we are in this state our body and mind feel strong and stable. When it is blocked or weak we can experience physical and emotional imbalances.

Stress & Anxiety



Reiki  is an energy based healing practice that aids in reducing stress and anxiety by balancing the bodies chakra system. In a world that is constantly throwing us into fear and fight or flight mode it is no  surprise how many of us experience stress ,depression and anxiety. Imagine the toll it takes on our bodies being in that state on a daily basis. Our systems feel drained, we feel tired and generally not well. Due to these stressor's we may develop psychical and emotional issues that are not a result of physical trauma. This is a clear indication of what we have been gathering energetically, and what is manifesting into a physical issue. Reiki energy is one of the ways we can reboot our system bringing it back to a peaceful state.


As Reiki energy moves through your body and rebalances your energy, expect your body to detoxify. Drinking plenty of fresh lemon water will aid in flushing out the toxins from your system.

Pain Managment

During a Reiki treatment muscles are relaxed, and energy flow is unblocked. This helps reduce physical tension and pain.

Spiritual Growth

Reiki clears energetic blockages which in turn can heighten our connection with source energy. Reiki helps us to connect with our heart, our true center, realigning us with our higher self. When we are able to connect with our higher self we can hear our intuition more clearly.  This can aid us in living our best life and following our soul plan.


When the body is relaxed and less tense it in turn can promote better sleep quality.



 " Shannon is Fabulous! The guidance and insight that I saw made me feel so much better. I'm now on the right path after struggling for a while."

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